Responsive Web Design

Flexibility for mobile devices

All modern websites need to work for all screen sizes, so that’s all we do at Ventus Design Studio

A better experience for all of your customers on all of their devices

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is when your web page structure changes depending on which device it’s being viewed on. It’s still just one website, one source of content, and one website address, but it looks just as good on a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

This fluid and flexible way to make websites has many benefits. Most importantly, it improves usability and page experience for your customers visiting your site from mobile devices. It gives your users a consistent and smooth transition from desktop to smartphone. Additionally, it’s more cost-effective than building and maintaining a separate mobile version of your website.

When you design responsively, you design for all your customers.  Many people with disabilities prefer to use mobile devices.  It’s easier to zoom in on a screen than on a desktop, and its easier for people with vision impairments to read when type adjusts to the screen size.

Responsive websites are faster and have a lower bounce rate. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, and it takes too long to load, it’s likely that your customers will abandon it before they even see it.

More than half of the people worldwide access the internet using mobile devices

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Responsive Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

If you care about how high your website ranks on search engines, you need to care that it is responsive. In addition to the usual page experience benefits, Google uses mobile-first indexing. This means that Google mostly uses the mobile version of your website when it decides how you rank, and it gives preference to sites that are mobile-friendly. When your website is responsive, you get the benefits of having a mobile-optimized site, while also avoiding other SEO issues that may pop up from having multiple versions of your website, like duplicate content.

The perfect design for every device

We are able to fine-tune your website so your design looks just right on every screen size and device.  Want to see how we get it done?  Check out this video.