About Ventus Design Studio

Making your business better (and your life easier) with high-performing website design and development

At Ventus Design Studio we want to help you use your website as an investment to grow your business and reach your goals. We believe your website shouldn’t just be another expense, but instead a tool that helps you make money while also saving you time.

We pride ourselves on having an incredibly efficient website creation process.  Through our systems you will receive the website of your dreams, while doing very little work yourself. You have enough to do building and managing your business. We start with a Website Strategy Meeting where we discuss your ideas and strategize a plan, and then we handle everything else.

We know your business isn’t just your job, it’s your life. At Ventus Design Studio, we take our work with you seriously. We’ve been in business since 2012, and our team has decades of experience. We have the skills and the stability to complete your project as promised, while staying on budget.

Our base of operations is located in Fort Lauderdale, but we love to work with clients from all across the country.

Nicole Sauk

Founder & Manager

Nicole Sauk has been creating websites since 1999.   Back then everything was built using pure HTML, so she learned how to code web pages from scratch while still in high school.   From there she joined organizations that helped her focus her skills and became an award winning website designer while still a teenager.

As her career progressed she worked in various positions in the professional design industry: a website designer at a local hosting company, a graphic designer in the art room of an advertising agency, and the sole graphic designer at a private university.

Her life long passion for design and business development naturally led her to become an independent contractor and eventually a business owner.  She founded Ventus Design Studio in 2012 to help other business owners use their websites as a tool for growth.