Ventus means wind in Latin, and it also signifies movement, imagination and knowledge. Our work is as refreshing as a breath of fresh air –– it encompasses the benefit of a new perspective.

We takes our work seriously because we know the importance of having an online presence. Your leads and sales are dependent on your website, so Ventus prioritizes design, dependability and best web practices. You need more than just need a pretty site –– you need one that’s functional and responsive.

Our company’s roots date back to 1999. Ventus’s founder, Nicole Sauk, started building websites as a hobby when she was a teenager. Her friends teased her about her computer habits, but she landed a job at a local advertising agency before she even finished high school. She quickly added print design to her repertoire and received a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. After years of freelance work, she founded Ventus Design Studio.

Ventus Design Studio helps businesses of all sizes grow to their full potential. If you need a professional, clean website, contact us today.