GoDaddy Doesn’t Care About You: Quality Hosting Matters

Yep. I’m saying it.

We’re better than GoDaddy and any experienced and professional web developer will agree with us.

I know, if GoDaddy is so terrible why are they one of the number one hosting platforms?

One answer: Marketing. It’s all marketing and I suppose a lack of general awareness. Not everyone does their research. So, two answers.

GoDaddy puts so much money into their advertising.

Search for anything to do with web hosting on Google and they will always be in the top 10 results.

If you watch the Superbowl, they have ad time (major deal!).

Basically, if you’re looking, they will be there and generally people feel safe with something they recognize. So how can that be bad?

Their priority isn’t you.

Money is really all they care about.

They don’t care about your brand. They don’t care about your blog. They don’t care about you.

All they care about in regards to you is only what you can offer them: your hard earned time and money.

Everything Leads To You Spending More

Like Kronda from Karvel Digital wrote, working with them can be fine, until it isn’t.

As soon as you need help with anything or decide to change your mind you’ll find that GoDaddy’s customer support is one of the worst out there.

With all the name recognition they focus on, they are severely lacking in care for their users.

A change or move that could take developers hours with good hosting servers can take days with GoDaddy.

User help tips on the site sometimes lead to never-ending loops directing you to do the very thing you did last and ads are everywhere.

Literally they are at the heading of every page and squeezed between menus and dividers.

Working with them was so bad that Kronda included a clause in her contracts to refuse to launch new websites with them.

She calls it the ‘NoDaddy’ clause and we love how clever that is. But really, we see is more like client protection.

When You Save Time You Save Money

Anyone who works for a living or runs their own small business knows that time is money.

When you are paying someone to work on your website or do work for you, you don’t want them to take days on a project that could have taken them only hours.

You might as well just throw away your money.

High-quality hosting platforms like Flywheel offer so much value. What they lack in their advertising visibility they make up for in almost every other area.

When you need support to access, move or change anything, help on the first round is essential for saving time.

The security that these hosts can offer will help you sleep better at night knowing all your projects are safe and sound.

A Good Web Host Can Make You Money

When you (or your web developer) don’t have to spend that extra time with support or going through endless loops to work on your website they can spend so much more time improving it where it really counts, which can actually make you money.

It’s worth mentioning that Flywheel, which is VPS hosting only, is less money per month than GoDaddy’s VPS hosting option.

Flywheel specifically has a growing reputation for being easy and manageable as well as being equally cost effective.

If you don’t have any experience it might not be your first choice but for web developers and those in the WordPress field, they are gaining praise and it’s well deserved.

Their Blueprints feature alone can save you hundreds of hours per year.

While we really can’t stress enough the amount of value and security a dependable and good web host can offer you, we understand that when you first start your website money can be tight. So we also compiled a list of budget hosting options.

We hope that we’ve saved you from a major headache in the future by working with GoDaddy. If you’ve had any terrible experiences with them let us know in the comments. We’re sorry if you can relate!

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