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Your business website is your brand’s digital home. It’s where prospects and clients will come to learn more about you, your business, and what you have to offer. If you don’t have a high-quality, easy to use website – or worse, no site at all – you’re losing out on potential sales. Ventus creates quality sites that fit every business’s needs and budget.

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A Site That Fits Just Right

You want your prospective customers and clients to have a positive experience on your website. You want to make a connection with them, and show how you can solve their problems or fulfill their desires. But if your website is slow, hard to navigate, or not visually appealing, they’re going to go somewhere else – and fast.

Your business needs a high-quality, functional, and user-friendly website if you want to make it in the digital world. Whether you’re just starting out and have a small budget, or are an established brand looking for a fully customized site, Ventus creates a website that is tailored to your needs and budget.

Starter Sites

Starter Sites

You know you need a website for your business, but if you’re just starting out you may not think you have the budget. Don’t waste time and resources trying to do it yourself. Our Starter Sites offer your business a high-quality, simple site, without a big price tag, so you can focus on building your business.

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Growth Sites

Growth Sites

Your business is ready for a website that’s a little more robust, but you don’t have the budget or the need for a fully customized site build. Our Growth Sites are perfect for the business that wants more control and features, like a blog, extra site pages, or the ability to maintain content updates. Ventus creates your site, then lets you take the reigns.

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Custom Websites

Custom Sites

Your business wants a website as unique as your brand. You have a specific look and functionality you want to achieve. Don’t waste time trying to make it work with site templates that limit your customizations. Our Custom Sites are designed specifically for your individual business needs, whether you need a brand-new website, or a redesign of your current site.

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Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Sites

With online shopping growing exponentially, you can’t afford not to have your products online. Don’t miss out on huge revenue potential. Ventus creates Ecommerce Sites so that you can expand your audience, and give your customers the shopping experience they want, from the comfort of their home or office.

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Other Website Services

Website Care Plans

Websites are not a set-it-and-forget-it deal. There are constant security and feature updates that need to be maintained, and that is not always at the top of a businesses to-do list. Not keeping up with these can cause security risks, downtime, or a slow site that will turn your prospects and clients away. Ventus offers various levels of Website Care Plans, so you can be assured that your website is safe and secure, leaving you to focus on what you do best: your business.

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Choosing the wrong website hosting service can cost you time, money, headaches, and even lost sales. Don’t get locked in a contract with the wrong one. Ventus has worked with and evaluated many hosting platforms to find the right ones that will offer the best speed, security, and value to our clients.

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