When it comes to web design, you want a company that fulfills all of your needs—you don't want to have to bounce from company to company as you try to build a webpage, design logos and ads, and fill them with content. Ventus is an all-service design studio, offering you a wide range of services to ensure that your website is complete and ready to bring in new customers of clients. Your finished Ventus product will be a fully functional, beautiful, and exactly what your business needs.

Starter Sites

Whether you are starting out, or you just don't have a big budget, you can't afford not to have a website. For only $50 a month, we offer a simple, mobile ready site. Don't miss out on business because your customers can't find you online.

Custom Website and Wordpress Theme Design

This is where we shine. Our professionally designed, custom sites gives your business an online presence that reflects it's quality. We work with you to build a website that fits your business's needs. If you need a Content Managment System (CMS) so you can make changes yourself, or a Shopping Cart to sell your products online, we have you covered. All of our web sites are Responsive and mobile-ready. Let your prospective clients know that you are a trusted, high-quality busiess with a custom designed site.

Banner and Print Ads

Once it's time to start advertising your webpage, you want advertisements that blend seamlessly into the style and message of your webpage. We take those themes and condense them into a clear, concise message that will resonate with viewers and bring them to your webpage.

Social Networking Page Design

Just as you don't want a generic webpage, you don’t want a generic social media page. Keep your brand consistent with social networking page design that mirrors your website design. When a fan or follower clicks from your social media page to your homepage, the continuity will be impressive.

Email Design

As you begin building your email list, a well-designed template will not only help your emails appear more professional, but actually ensure that they are not marked as spam or ignored. Pleasing designs that echo the colors and graphics on your website will add professionalism and coherency to your brand message.

Logo Design

The logo is the symbol by which your company or website will be known both online and in the physical world. Social media websites, email, and any other communications can all benefit from branding with a logo. Let us build you the perfect logo, something that embodies the spirit of your company, organization, or website, and can be easily integrated into stationary, email templates, websites, and social media.

Professional Photography

Whether you need photographs of your products or photographs of your office and team, let us take the perfect pictures. With clean, crisp quality and expert compositions, you and your employees, your products, or any other subject will look beautiful and be far more attractive to potential customers or clients.

Content Writing

The basis of all marketing efforts is great content. Even the most beautiful website can get lost in the static if it does not have the right content. We offer content writing services that will boost your website's profile and encourage prospective buyers to make a purchase or get in touch.

Catalog Design

When it comes to designing a catalog, you need a company that understands its purpose and how to arrange pictures and content so that they really sell the product. We can help you rev up sales with a stylish new catalog design.