of businesses are winning customers using social media



of people online use Facebook


1 Billion

users are on Instagram every month



of Americans use Twitter


Create a Community with Social Media Marketing

With over 3 billion monthly users world-wide, social media is a force that cannot be ignored. And considering it’s free to sign up for all the major social networks, there is zero reason for your business not to have a social presence. Don’t just register and leave an empty page, though, because having a lifeless profile is often worse to potential customers than not having one at all.

We hear it all the time: people do business with people they know, like, and trust. So, how do you get your ideal customers to know, like, and trust you? Social media allows you to showcase your brand’s personality and allows your audience to connect with you. It humanizes your brand, because it allows you to have what no other platform really provides – direct, two-way communication with your audience.

When you provide consistent, valuable, and engaging content, it builds confidence in your audience that your business is trustworthy. You build brand authority when you show you are an industry leader. Utilize the platforms to share and promote your content, and showcase your expertise. Social customer service is exploding for businesses, and offers another opportunity to grow trust and loyalty for your brand with potential customers. Sharing your content on social media also improves your SEO and helps drive more traffic to your website.

Social media can play a large role in helping your business achieve its goals, whether it’s building brand awareness or driving more sales. Be transparent and authentic, show your expertise, and your audience will grow. Let Ventus help you create a profitable and successful social media marketing strategy.

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