logos are expensive and cheap

If you are in the market for a logo for your business, you may be curious why costs vary so greatly. If you got a quote from a professional graphic designer, your price was probably in the hundreds, if not in the thousands. Alternatively, you may have browsed a site like Fiverr and have seen logo design prices for as low as $5. There are a few reasons why these costs are so different:

Logos are like cars. You can get an economy car that gets you where you need to go, or you can get a luxury car that shows your high value to everyone you meet.

The Logo Design Process

A big part of why professional designers charge so much more for logo design is they spend so much more time on the design process. A cheap, $5 logo designer will take minutes designing your logo, while an expensive graphic designer will take days.

At best, designers at sites like Fiverr will find some free clip art, write your business name under it, and send it over within 20 minutes. At worst, they will straight out steal other designers work. Not only is this generally not nice, but it’s not original artwork, and in turn, you can’t trademark it for your business.

If you are getting a professional, quality logo, considerably more time will be spent on the project. They will take time to learn about your business, research your industry and competitors, and study what styles will attract your target audience best. This is all before they even start making any artwork. Next, they will also usually sketch out some design ideas, transfer them to the computer, share them with the client and get feedback, and make revisions as necessary. This whole process can take days or even weeks. No one could afford to do that for only $5.

The Quality of the Logo Delivered

This is pretty obvious, but cheap logos generally don’t look very good. In the design world, we like to say, “Good, Fast, Inexpensive. Pick two.” If you are getting a logo that’s fast and cheap, a la Fiverr, you will often be unsatisfied with what it looks like. Are you comfortable with something like that being the face of your business? What does a poorly designed logo say to your potential customers?

Extras on Fiverr are Standard for Professional Designers

Often you will see a cheap initial price on Fiverr, just to click further on to the project to see that price only includes the bare minimum. Often you have to pay extra for things like: multiple logo revisions, high-resolution files, source files, different color versions (black and white and one color, in addition to full color) and transparency. These things are almost always included in a professional logo design package.

It may seem that I’m against using cheap logos (I am), though I understand that sometimes it’s necessary, and in my opinion, forgivable, to a site like Fiverr. If you are just starting out and really have a teeny tiny budget, you do what you have to do to follow your dreams. Just keep in mind the information here. When you have the money in your budget, make the investment in a professional logo.