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Starting a business is exciting. You are following your dream, stepping out from the masses to create something incredible. You want your customers to feel connected to and excited about your company as well, and that all starts with a great brand. When you create a consistent branding experience, you build trust and confidence with your prospects and customers.
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Show Them That the Face of Your Brand Is a Face They Can Trust

A logo is more than just a pretty picture. It is the face of your company and the central, most important part of your brand identity. Your logo will convey the quality, professionalism, and trustworthiness of your business. It will influence your potential customers and the choices they make.

Our experienced, professional logo designers can make a beautiful, high-quality logo for your business. We work together with you to create a style you like, that will also attract your target audience. Then we build you a trademark-ready logo this is completely custom to your business.

A Complete Branding Package, for Only $990

Ventus is passionate about helping small businesses succeed, so we’ve designed our Branding Package to be highly valuable and affordable. For a fee of $990, you will receive your logo, brand sheet with fonts and colors, printable letterhead and envelope templates, social media images, 500 business cards printed and mailed to you, and the set up fee for our Starter Site is included. You’ll have everything you need to launch your business and introduce it to prospective customers. Let Ventus help you take the first step toward business success.

Our Branding Package includes:

  • Original, trademark-ready vector logo design
  • Brand sheet with fonts and colors used
  • Printable Letterhead Template
  • Starter Site set up
  • Printable Envelope Template
  • Social Media Images (Profile Image and Cover Photo for Facebook, Twitter, and your choice of another social network)
  • 500 Basic Business Cards Printed

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