Our Work

Gary Rack Restaurant Group Website Network

A multisite WordPress network to easily manage and maintain all the restaurant websites in one place

The Challenge

Gary Rack Restaurant Management Group was running three separate WordPress websites, all built with different plugins and themes, on three different hosts.   In addition to the confusion and stress of having to go to multiple places to edit the sites, one of the sites was so outdated the software couldn’t be updated without breaking it.

The Solution

All three websites were rebuilt in one WordPress multisite network.  All sites are stand alone websites, with their own domain names, but they are connected in one network admin area.  This makes it incredibly easy to edit and manage all the sites in one place.  Through this network they share the same themes and plugins, so software maintenance is a breeze.

Mobile-Friendly? Of course.

There’s no excuse. Every modern website must be mobile-friendly. Over 50% of your traffic will come from mobile devices, so it’s important that those visitors can view your website properly. Plus, Google ranks mobile-friendly sites higher on the search results. That’s why at Ventus Design Studio all of our websites are responsive and optimized for mobile devices.