Shopify vs WooCommerce – The Pros and Cons

Starting an online store can seem daunting, so we are going to help you pick out the e-commerce platform that best fits your business. We will go over pro’s and con’s from some of the most popular online stores, Shopify and WooCommerce, to make it easier for your to choose. Selling Online and E-Commerce E-commerce […]

GoDaddy Doesn’t Care About You: Quality Hosting Matters

Yep. I’m saying it. We’re better than GoDaddy and any experienced and professional web developer will agree with us. I know, if GoDaddy is so terrible why are they one of the number one hosting platforms? One answer: Marketing. It’s all marketing and I suppose a lack of general awareness. Not everyone does their research. So, […]

Web Hosting: A Must-Have for Your Website

Your web host is a server (which is basically just a computer) that stores your website.  When someone types in your website address, their browser communicates with your web host to send them your website.  Having a web host is absolutely necessary when building a website for your business. Without it, no one would be […]

2 Great (and one ok) Budget Website Hosting Options

Every website on the internet needs to be hosted. In super simple terms, the web host is the server that allows your website to be viewed and accessed on the internet.  A high quality host will make your site faster and safer, but we understand that sometimes it’s not affordable.  Because a lot of new businesses […]